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I'll Go Overkill For You(Me X Reader)
I'm tie up my mouth cover in gag cloth hands tie and my leg is strap to bomb.
Eyes dazing to die a gore death.I breath through my nose shallowly.This for you, I promise I'll do anything.Even face own death.
I feel a tear roll down my cheek.Why must it end with me strap to bomb?
You:"Master Herb!" you take the cloth his mouth.
"Y/n!Stop,I'm fine,I'm okay.
I made you a promise!"What was I kinding I'm not okay.I'm frighten.
"They will kill you!" I am  saving you taking your place for the world to  still see your beautiful face."
You:I'll die with you
My eyes widen "Do'nt do that for me."
You: "Then I must save you"
My heart thumps,so brave,I'm wonderstuck.
You: Untie my hands
The weight on the bomb hods down my leg so thin.
"Try 5612"
You: You type in the number."It didn't work"
"5216!" I bite my lip.
You:Type in "Nope!"
"1625" I close my eyes"Hurry!"
You: "It work master."
I smile wide"My plan work!"
You: "Your plan master?"
I grin "It was hard lying to you y/
:iconaskherboverkill:askherboverkill 6 8
Shizaya doujinshi crossdressing~Page 5 by Choko17 Shizaya doujinshi crossdressing~Page 5 :iconchoko17:Choko17 111 47 Strict Punishment? by CaptianHarlock Strict Punishment? :iconcaptianharlock:CaptianHarlock 108 6 Stay at Home Mishap Part 2 by CaptianHarlock Stay at Home Mishap Part 2 :iconcaptianharlock:CaptianHarlock 129 9 Significant Other by KoolKaren Significant Other :iconkoolkaren:KoolKaren 123 5 Forced Femininity (Part 4) by AlixTG Forced Femininity (Part 4) :iconalixtg:AlixTG 63 3 Empathy Training by zoliborz Empathy Training :iconzoliborz:zoliborz 109 19 TG Caption - Required Changes by xTGDestiny TG Caption - Required Changes :iconxtgdestiny:xTGDestiny 339 4 Dream On The Plane TG by MR-TG Dream On The Plane TG :iconmr-tg:MR-TG 352 7 New Craze TG Caption - Part 2 by bloodytissueeeee New Craze TG Caption - Part 2 :iconbloodytissueeeee:bloodytissueeeee 115 1 Trashy Or Classy TG Caption by bloodytissueeeee Trashy Or Classy TG Caption :iconbloodytissueeeee:bloodytissueeeee 155 0
Getting in Her Pants
"You lost the bet so you have to do it!" laughed Holly.
"Yeah, I only bet because I thought I would win, though," Ash pouted, hoping to wriggle out of his predicament. "I wouldn't have even bet otherwise."
"Well too bad, Ash," Holly said getting mad. "And, just because you are trying to welsh on the bet, I am going to make it harder."
"Noooo!" cried Ash in horror.
"Since you said if you won I had to let you into my pants," the girl went on, "I am still going to do that now that you have lost."
"Hmmm, let's see ..." Holly turned to her dresser and started rummaging through the drawers. "I was just going to make you wear a pair of my jeans before." She continued to poke around the drawers as she talked, looking at one thing, then another, discarding another. "But now, I think my new lace-up jeans and a cute top will be much more fun, don't you?"
She spun around and tossed him the pants she spoke of. They were flared jeans, dark blue denim , very soft and form fitting. There were brown le
:iconsissydemi:SissyDemi 179 61
The Orphan Part 9
Sharon walked into the house after she had completed her errands. She found her son and his girlfriend lying on the couch watching TV. Jason was on his back, and Henry was lying next to him, wrapped in his arms.  
"Well it looks like you two are having fun," she said smiling.  
Henry yawned, nodding.  
"You tired babe?"  Jason asked.
"A little," he replied.
"Come on, it's late. How about we get ready for bed?"
Henry was really tired. Being in Jason's arms made him feel safe. They both walked up to Jason's room and shut the door.
"Do you need to change?" he asked.
"Ya, I'll do it in the bathroom," he said. Jason looked slightly disappointed, but Henry couldn't risk him seeing his bare panties.
Henry walked into the bathroom with his bag and locked the door behind him. He stripped off his pink shorts and white tank top, and stood there for a moment in his bra and panties. His penis was barely noticeable, but it still scared him. His breasts w
:iconspyleader149:spyleader149 48 9
My Crossdressing Story: Part 2
I step forward in my life, and a lot had changed. Through secondary school things were a lot more different, and it was really the time in which I was able to shine. I gained an appreciation for theatre and dramatic arts, as well as arts in general and singing.
That all came during secondary school. I excelled in drama, music and dance, earning A grades for my final GCSE exams, and that train of education continued to college, again taking up drama, music and dance. I was told I had an exceptional singing voice, and to me, that was the ultimate boost for my self confidence. Many commented on the ability to sing with a falsetto which, when performing in musicals allowed me to perform as either a male or female character. I never admitted it to anyone, but I actually enjoyed playing the female parts more than a male. It wasn't just because of the chance I got to enjoy being dressed as a woman, but it was also down to the fact that I could fool people into believing I was a woman, and not
:iconterrazero20:TerraZero20 59 7
12 Caps of Wishmas: Hairy Situation (TG) by wishingwithwhitney 12 Caps of Wishmas: Hairy Situation (TG) :iconwishingwithwhitney:wishingwithwhitney 77 4 The Puppetmistress Part 4 by zoliborz The Puppetmistress Part 4 :iconzoliborz:zoliborz 147 14


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